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As a full-time international student in Ireland, you are entitled to take up casual employment without a work permit. This is defined as up to 20 hours part-time work per week, or full time work during vacation periods. However, once your student visa runs out, you will be no longer be entitled to take up employment.

If you wish to continue in employment once you have finished your studies, you will then require a work permit. For further information, see

Please note that from 18th April 2005 new international students granted permission to remain in Ireland on registering with the Garda National Immigration Bureau, will not be permitted access to employment unless:

  • they are attending a full-time course
  • of at least one year's duration
  • leading to a qualification recognised by the Minister for Education and Science

Those permitted access to employment may enter casual employment only (defined as up to 20 hours part time work per week or full-time during normal vacation periods). Access to employment is not permitted to other students.

For example, those students attending a foundation/preparatory course will not be entitled to casual employment until they have commenced a full-time course.

This will not affect students who have current permission to remain at the date of introduction (18 April 2005). Their access to employment may continue for the duration of their permission to remain.

Personal Public Service (PPS) Number:
If you are going to work in Ireland, you will need a PPS number (like a social security number). You can apply through your local social welfare office. You can find where your nearest social welfare office is by looking in the Golden pages directory under 'Government Departments'. You will need to take the following along with you:

  • Passport
  • Garda Registration Card
  • Student Card
  • Proof of Address (utilities bill in your name or bank statement)
  • Letter from your college or university confirming that you are a student


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