Services for Students
Studying in Ireland


There are two types of accommodation available:

  1. Accommodation owned and managed by your college or university (this could be either on or off-campus).
  2. Accommodation owned by private landlords or external organisations.

As an international student you may be eligible for student housing on-campus (known as ‘halls of residence’). Most universities have halls of residence, generally in the form of apartments for 6 to 8 students, with a private bedroom and shared kitchen, living room and bathroom. Please contact the Universities you are applying to for more information.

If you do not want to live on campus, or if you do not get offered a place in halls of residence, you can move into private accommodation. There is a wide range of quality and price in private accommodation and it can be quite expensive setting yourself up in private accommodation for the first time i.e. utilities, bedding, kitchen, phone. It is a good idea to check the legal obligations imposed upon you by landlords/ladies very carefully before signing a contract. You will be able to seek advice from your university’s housing office or the Students' Union. You should also note that most landlords/ladies require a deposit.

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