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Studying in Ireland


If you are on a full time course of study for at least one year, you are classed as "ordinarily resident" in Ireland. This means that you are then entitled to public healthcare on the same basis as an EU / EEA national. For further information, visit

However, if your course lasts for less than one year, you are not entitled to public healthcare, so you should ensure that you take out private medical insurance.

If you have an existing health insurance policy in your home country, you may want to enquire about the possibility of extending the policy to cover your period of study in Ireland.

Alternitively, there are two main private health insurance companies in Ireland: VHI and BUPA. Details regarding private insurance for international students can be obtained from:

Voluntary Health Insurance (VHI)
VHI House
Lower Abbey Street
Dublin 1

Telephone: +353-1-8724499 / 1850 444 444


BUPA Ireland
Mill Island
Co. Cork

Telephone: +353-21-42121
Fax: +353-21-42122

There may be a delay period before a policy comes into effect - however, you are covered for accidents and injuries during this time. You should contact the International Office at your college or university to ask about other medical insurance packages that may be on offer.

The major universities and institutes of technology have medical centres on campus, or arrangements with local doctors’ surgeries. All registered students may use the health service provided by their institution, which offer generally free or subsidised consultations with a doctor and a nurse. You will only have to pay for prescribed medicines


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