The Student Advisors’ Handbook

After nine months of research and discussion with student councillors from over 40 countries, we have put together a handbook for the use of 10,000 student councillors and advisors.

This resource will help your international recruitment ­ it will be sent directly to the counsellors who are the conduit between international students and HE institutions.

These professionals are working in the International Baccalaureate schools and international schools with British, American, Canadian, German and other high school diploma curricula. The majority of these students go on to study overseas. In conjunction with this distribution, the ‘Student Advisors Handbook ‘ will also be mailed to the counsellors, high school coordinators and vice principals in all of the top tier local schools, where the access to information and guidance on the international possibilities is limited, and where our handbook will be a useful resource containing information and links to whatever questions their students are asking them.

WorldWideStudy is publishing the handbook bi-annually. By distributing this publication directly to the people who are advising their students on higher education choices, we are reaching those who provide the most immediate link between students and universities. WorldWideStudy has developed a huge international school network and works closely with counsellors all over the world. As a result, we have an insight into what it is that counsellors need from a handbook of this kind. We have utilised the help of a steering committee of 6 well established counsellors from Peru, Brazil, Hungary, Singapore and Hong Kong to help shape the content and layout of ‘Student Advisors Handbook’ and ensure our handbook is a key read for all counsellors; we will be including the following as part of its make up:

  • Stop Press with latest important developments in the HE world
  • Articles by students with a cross-section of HE experiences
  • Country-specific articles to help counsellors less familiar with those areas
  • Explanations of the different types of institutions offering HE to internationals
  • International student stats
  • Articles by counsellors in different parts of the world
  • Explanations of new regulations and laws that effect HE around the world
  • Publications and links to useful websites for students and counsellors

Plus a great deal more.

If you’ve used advertising before which has been directed at students without much, if any, effect on your enquiry or enrolment numbers, then surely it’s time to be more proactive and focused. We believe firmly in ‘advising the advisors’ ­ after all you’ve a better chance of portraying your institution’s attributes to an adult who has time to read, absorb and understand what you’re offering than to a student flicking through a magazine. Furthermore, each counsellor will be passing on your information to dozens of potential students.

To discuss the possibility of putting your institutions’ profile in front of the world’s high schools and junior colleges please e-mail

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