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Applying to study in Australia

If you would like to study full time in Australia, you will need to complete an application form for the college or university you are interested in. Then, depending on the country you are from and the institution you have selected, you will need to send your completed form to either:

  • the international office or nominated contact officer of the college or university, or
  • a local agent of the institution in your country

Your nearest Australian Education Centre or Australian Embassy can provide you with a list of nominated contact officers within the colleges or universities and local Australian education agents where you can obtain the necessary application forms and advice. For contact details of your nearest Australian Government office click here:

Each college and university has different admission criteria for those wishing to study in Australia. However, the list below gives you an indication of what most institutions will require from international student applicants:

  • full details of previous study, including copies of qualifications already awarded to you
  • evidence of your English language proficiency

If you are unsure what documents you should provide, contact the institution you have selected.

If your application is successful, the college or university will send you a letter with an offer of a place. Depending on your country or nationality and the education sector of your study, you may be required to undergo a pre-visa assessment before you are issued with an Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE). The eCoE is the only accepted evidence of enrolment for processing student visa applications.

Depending on your country or nationality and your principal course of study in Australia, you may have to undergo a Pre-Visa Assessment (PVA) before an Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE) is issued by your Australian education provider. For further information, please click here:

You may be required to pay tuition fees before applying for the student visa. The college or university will advise you of its requirements. Generally you will be required to pay at least one semester of course fees in advance.

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