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WorldWideStudy specialises in matching international students with colleges and universities in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

We work closely with students from around the world and with educational institutions in the above countries, in order to ensure that each student finds the course and the location that meets his or her requirements, and that those institutions are provided with a way of recruiting international students that is effective and that takes into account the realities of the current situation.

We began with the belief that a high level of personal contact was essential if we wanted to be really effective. For this reason we are not primarily a web-based company but rely instead on two main methods for bringing students on board. The first of these is our attendance at educational fairs in all the countries from which we currently send students. It is at these events that we get to meet with thousands of people with an interest in the next stage of their education. They have come because their search for the right course is a proactive one, and we are able to spend time with them, explaining what we do, gaining an understanding of their needs and building up their personal profile.

The second strand of our interaction with students comes through our school network programme. We visit the high schools in our sender countries, get to know the students’ university counsellor and meet some of the students. By taking our system into the schools we are able to help out busy counsellors and provide another tool for the students to use in their search for a suitable university or college abroad.

For those students not able to access our advisors through the fairs or their schools’ advisors, they can fill out the profile on our website and we are always available to answer any queries they may have.

For our clients - the language academies, colleges and universities - we are able to provide these profiles within a few hours (maximum four hours after we receive them), and by feeding them through our extensive database, we can ensure that they only arrive at those institutions (maximum of five for each profile) that match the students’ requirements. This prevents the enormous waste in resources that so frequently occurs when institutions are sending expensive prospectuses to students around the world who simply aren’t looking for what is being offered.

It is the accuracy and specificity of our service that make it unique; with the huge choice now available, it is vital that the student is searching in an efficient manner. Equally, in an increasingly competitive market, it is vital that the recruitment budgets of universities and colleges are being spent in a focused and effective way. At WorldWideStudy, we know that we can meet these two needs and bring together the student and the education in a way that satisfies everyone’s requirements.


To use our free, personal matching service complete your personal profile by clicking on the appropriate button below and filling out a simple form. We will immediately begin a search for the right college or university, and you will hear from them within a few days.

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